About Saltings Estate Vineyard

Rowena with Malbec grapes
Saltings Estate Vineyard
Terry & Maureen in Vineyard 2009

Saltings Estate is a small boutique family owned vineyard of three and a half acres on the banks of the Sandspit Estuary, just north of Warkworth in the Matakana wine growing area.  Terry established the vineyard in 2003 and produces classical style wines that express the qualities of our terroir,  that is our soils, microclimate, biodynamic management and care of the vineyard.

The Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Franc and Syrah grapes are grown on warm, clay/loam north-facing slopes where the temperatures are moderated by coastal breezes.  The vineyard is tended using only biodynamic and organic methods and the grapes are hand-picked at harvest.  Our wine-maker, John Worth has had extensive experience in France and uses his skill and knowledge to produce a Bordeaux style claret and a classical French Rhone style Syrah.  We are totally committed to making the best wine,  a wine that will truly reflect the area it was grown in, uncontaminated and allowed to express its unique originality.

The top two photos depicted on the right show Brenda and Terry and Amy doing the winter pruning in August 2005 and  Brenda shoot thinning in the Spring of 2005

Rowena holding a bunch of Malbec grapes at harvest time in March 2006

Terry tips the grapes into the de-stemmer machine at the winery.  They are then transferred to stainless steel fermenting tanks where they will remain during the fermenting stage which can last from one to five weeks.

Terry inspecting the grapes with our grandson Liam

Saltings Estate Vineyard in all its glory in Autumn with the backdrop of Sandspit Estuary and Mt. Tamahunga.

The nets go over the rows of grapes in late January to protects the grapes from the hungry birds.  Our friends from France, Philippe & Andonis are helping Rowena.

Terry & Maureen amongst the vines


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